Work Experience


In year 10 all students are offered the opportunity to participate in Work Experience during the last few weeks of the summer term. The dates allocated this year are Friday 14th to Thursday 20th July 2017.

Work Experience can provide a student with huge opportunities, confidence and an insight into the working world. Although students will obviously wish to work in an area that interests them, it is not important that the placement exactly mirrors their career aspirations. It is more valuable to consider the type of working environment, if they wish to be dealing with the public, working as a team, etc.

All students have been issued with the relevant paperwork but it is also available below.

YR 10 Work Experience Parent Letter

Guide to Work Experience

Work Experience Agreement Form(GREEN FORM)

Work Experience Disclaimer Form (for out of area placements only)

There will be an opportunity to ask questions relating to Work Experience at our Parent's Consultation Evening on Thursday 20th October 6pm in the Main Hall.



Searching for Placements on the NYBEP database.

Password: EasingwoldStudent17

1. Login using the username and password above – DO NOT change your login details.

2. Click the blue arrow to begin your search.

3. If you know the name of the employer you are interested in, spell the first for or five letters of the employer’s name, go straight to the postcode and add the first part eg. YO etc. If you don’t know where you want to go leave the employer’s details blank and go to category.

4. Select a category, now complete the first part of your home postcode eg. YO1, next to this select ‘any’ from the mileage drop down box. Do not tick any of these boxes – this will reduce the number of results that you get. Click on the search button at the bottom.

5. You should now see a list of employers in your area. You can hover the mouse over the blue job title to read more about the role.

6. If you are interested, click on the blue job title to read more about the job, the working hours, the location etc.

7. Make a note of the placements that you are interested in.

8. Please now contact the employer yourself, preferably by telephone. Remember to introduce yourself and which school you attend, be clear about your work experience dates, why you would like the opportunity for a placement and do confirm with the employer that it is on a voluntary basis.

9. If the employer offers you a placement, arrange to go and meet with them and get the necessary work experience agreement form(GREEN FORM attached above) signed and return to school by Monday February 6th 2017.